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  • Jim Rogahn

Practical Ways to Get Ready for Bible College

Attending a Bible College can, and should be, life changing! The time you invest in learning God’s Word can help you discover His plan for your life and how to fulfill it. It can also be a challenging time in some ways.

As with any step we take with God, it is always good to be ready and prepared for whatever may come our way. What practical steps can someone take to be prepared for Bible college? What kinds of challenges and situations should someone be ready for?

While there are ways you want to prepare spiritually for Bible college, there are also many practical ways you can prepare. Keep reading to find out some of the most important ways to get ready for Bible school.

Natural Preparation for Bible School


As Christians, we put our trust in God to supply what we need in every situation. It is right to believe that God will help us have the resources we need, but there are some wise natural things we should consider as well.

Have you looked at the extra costs that may be related to going to school and how you can fit them into your budget? Is there anything you can do to change where some of your finances are being spent so you will be sure to have all the money you need to attend school? Are there some adjustments with work or spending that you can make now to help prepare for those extra costs?

Asking yourself these questions may be difficult, but in the long run, they will help ease any financial burdens the extra schooling may cause. One of the benefits of attending RHEMA Bible Training College is that we keep our classes as affordable as possible. RBTC Trójmiasto is only 125 zł per 12-hour module!

Time management

We all have only twenty-four hours in a day and we need to choose wisely how we spend our time. Evaluate how you are spending it now. You will certainly need to make some room in your schedule for your classes and assignments. Start figuring out how you can adjust your work schedule before you actually begin school — it can help you tremendously once school does start.

One of the benefits of joining a Hybrid Bible school program (like the one we offer) is that it offers more flexibility so you can fit in your busy schedule.

Learning styles and strategies for classes

Every class in Bible college will give you an opportunity to hear from teachers about various topics that can help you in your walk with God. To get the most out of this time in school, you will want to consider your learning styles and strategies ahead of time.

For example, think about how you will take notes — on paper or electronically. If you choose to take notes electronically, make sure that whatever device you plan to use will be in working order. Whether you go with paper or electronic, you will want to figure out a good filing system ahead of time so that you can access your notes and assignments quickly when needed.

Traveling and commuting

Consider how you will travel to and from the school and be able to make it on time. Will you be able to commute from your home — whether by car, bus, or train? Is the campus location far from your home so you will need to find overnight accommodation? Taking a look at these things now can help you avoid a problem when the time actually comes to attend the college you choose.

Another advantage of our RBTC Hybrid Program is our combination of class formats in our school schedule. We have school weekends where you come together in-person and then we offer the virtual classes you can do from your own home! So, while there is some travel involved, it’s only three times a year.

Get Ready for the Next Step in Your Calling

At RBTC Trójmiasto, we hope to help you feel prepared for the life decision of going to Bible school.

If you have decided that you are ready to take the next step in learning the Bible, apply online for RHEMA Bible school today!


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