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A Bible School that helps you

Understand God's Word

Learn biblical principles > Grow in your faith > Find your purpose


Want to get to know about RHEMA and the type of teaching you will receive? Watch some FREE teaching sessions and you will get a "taste" of what you will receive as a student.

trial class

RHEMA Bible Training College in Poland


RHEMA Bible Training College in Poland

Only 200 zł per module! 

Pay as you learn!

Hybrid Studies Program

* Administered by RBTC Trójmiasto

Offered by RBTC Trójmiasto
With a mixture of teaching formats, this Hybrid Program allows students from across the nation to start studying with RHEMA.

Our program is module-based with students following and completing the arranged sequence of modules.

RHEMA Bible Training College in Poland



Students complete one virtual course (12 hrs) every three weeks, and two courses (24 hrs) during the scheduled long School Weekends. 


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