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  • Steve Speer

3 Reasons to Go to Bible College

Considering a decision like going to Bible college can be a bit overwhelming. There are all kinds of things to think about, like your schedule and budget. But before that, you’re probably wondering what Bible college has to offer you and how it can make a difference in your life.

Here are three reasons to attend a Bible college:

1. Gain a better Understanding of your Bible.

When you attend a school focused on teaching the Word of God, you get the opportunity to learn from experienced and accomplished instructors. These men and women have typically dedicated years to studying God’s Word. This is a great advantage to students, who can learn a lot from them.

RHEMA is a school unlike any other! In our classes you get to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit as you grow in faith and in the knowledge of God’s Word. Our unique blend of practical and spiritual training builds a solid Biblical foundation and equips you with the ability to apply the truths of Scripture to your life.

2. Grow alongside a Community of fellow Believers.

The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone. When you go to a Bible school, you get the opportunity to build relationships with other Christians that are also passionate about learning God’s Word. These relationships often turn into a life-long community that continues to help you grow long into the future.

Growing within a community is a major focus of RHEMA schools — both inside and outside of class. We build into our programs projects and practicums where you work together with other students or church communities. And whether over Zoom calls or during in-person classes, at RBTC you will come together to learn and grow with people from all over the country.

3. Find your Purpose in life.

God has given you gifts and abilities to enrich the Church and the lives of others. Finding out what those gifts and abilities are is one of the most important things you can learn as a Christian so that you can use them for God’s glory.

RHEMA is a school that helps students discover, enhance, and grow their God-given gifts. If you become a student at RHEMA Bible Training College, you will become a stronger believer, ready to accomplish whatever God has called you to do!

“Attending RHEMA helped to bring the Bible alive in my everyday life. With a greater understanding of His Word, I was able to discover His purpose and plan for me.” - Steve Speer

If you’d like to start taking steps to understand your Bible, gain a community, and find your purpose in life, apply online to RBTC today!

Do you have questions about how to even get started on this journey? Here are 3 steps to start attending Bible School while working full time.


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